Acrylic Cutting and Fabrication

Acrylic pmma (polymethylmeth-acylate) is a rigid plastic, generally known by its common trade names of Perspex and Plexiglas. Acrylic is a highly versatile & widely used product and comes in range of different colors and thickness. Extensively used for signs & displays, building and glazing. It is amongst the most scratch resistance of all thermoplastics and it’s transparency, gloss & dimensional shape are virtually unaffected by exposure to the elements.

Lasercut Services can provide acrylics from 2mm – 25mm(mainly clear).

We can also utilize our laser engraving or cutting machine to your specific needs, whether it be a name badge to a display stand.

We also have the capacity to diamond-edge finish on all cut edges, thus making the edge as transparent as the surface of the acrylic.

We have a highly dedicated team of acrylic fabricators who are capable of manufacturing simple acrylic case to high-end display units.